6th Middle East Retail & E-commerce Summit & Awards 2024 – KSA 2024 – Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia’s retail and ecommerce market is undergoing a transformative phase, propelled by a young and digitally engaged population. The retail landscape is a blend of traditional markets, such as souks and bazaars, and modern shopping malls. However, the rising adoption of digital technologies and changing consumer behaviour are reshaping the way people shop.

    Traditional Retail: Traditional markets remain an integral part of Saudi Arabia’s retail culture, offering a unique shopping experience. However, there’s a noticeable shift toward modern retail, with shopping malls becoming popular hubs for international and local brands.

    Ecommerce Boom: The ecommerce sector has witnessed significant growth, fuelled by increasing internet penetration and a surge in smartphone usage. Consumers are increasingly turning to online platforms for convenience, variety, and competitive pricing. Notably, the acquisition of Souq.com by Amazon has catalysed the integration of global ecommerce practices.

    Government Initiatives: The Saudi government has implemented strategic initiatives to propel the retail and ecommerce sectors into the digital age.

    Vision 2030: Launched in 2016, Vision 2030 is a comprehensive blueprint for economic diversification. In the context of retail and ecommerce, it aims to reduce the country’s reliance on oil revenue by fostering a dynamic digital economy. This includes supporting entrepreneurship, attracting foreign investment, and promoting innovation in the retail sector.

    E-commerce Law: The introduction of the E-commerce Law is a crucial step in regulating online business activities and ensuring a fair and secure digital marketplace. The law addresses issues such as consumer protection, electronic contracts, and the responsibilities of e-commerce platforms.

    Investment in Infrastructure: The government is actively investing in digital infrastructure to support the growing demands of the ecommerce sector. This includes improvements in internet connectivity, logistics, and payment systems, creating an ecosystem conducive to the seamless operation of online businesses.

    These government initiatives collectively contribute to creating a conducive environment for the growth of both traditional retail and ecommerce, fostering innovation, and ensuring a regulatory framework that instils confidence in consumers and investors alike. The aim is to position Saudi Arabia as a regional hub for retail excellence and technological innovation.

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