3rd Annual Global HR Excellence Energy Summit 2024

    In recent years, the energy sector has witnessed transformative changes, reshaping the way we approach workforce dynamics. The importance of an adept, agile, and forward-thinking HR strategy has never been more critical. As we navigate these pivotal shifts, the role of HR professionals in driving innovation, sustainability, and resilience within organizations is paramount.

    This context sets the stage for our 3rd Edition Global HR Excellence Energy Summit, where we aim to delve into the intricacies and opportunities of HR management in the energy sector.

    Building upon the resounding success of our previous editions, This summit promises to be an even more transformative experience. The event in 2023 witnessed over 500 esteemed delegates from across the energy domain including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Mining, and Utilities, and featured renowned speakers who contributed immensely to its success.

    This year’s summit revolves around the theme of HR Evolution: Shaping Tomorrow’s Energy Workforce, an exploration into the evolving landscape of HR strategies within the energy sector. With a diverse audience comprising industry leaders, professionals, and visionaries from oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, and utilities, this event aims to catalyze discussions and innovations crucial to shaping the future of HR in the energy industry.

    • Dubai, UAE
    • 2024-05-13
    • 8:00
    • 2024-05-16
    • 16:00
    • [email protected]
    • +97145667691
    Event Details
    Event Details