29th Edition of Digital Transformation Summit

    The 29th Digital Transformation Summit: Philippines will take place on May 23rd, 2024, in Manila. This unique, invitation-only meeting provides a strategic venue for industry executives to create relationships, address crucial business concerns, and propel the Philippines’ technological revolution forward. It’s all about information sharing, capacity building, and hastening the country’s digital transition. Join us for a day of important talks and collaborations that will define the future of technology in the Philippines.


    • Charlie Valerio, chief information officer,  aboitiz power.

    • Gigi Puno, director of technology and operation, gotyme bank.

    • Janbernard Tan, director-Asia it/Philippines digital and it fries compina

    • Robert Sanchez Paguia, chief of the international cooperation on cybercrime division (ICCD), data protection officer, cybercrime investigation and coordinating centre (CICC), republic of the Philippines.

    • Lcol Francel Magareth Padilla Taborlupa, 7th singal battation commander Philippines Army.

    • Carlo L Cagalingan, chief digital and information officer metro pacific tollways corp.

    • 2024-05-23
    • 9:00
    • 2024-05-23
    • 17:00
    • [email protected]
    • +91 80 4952 2392
    Event Details
    Event Details